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Costa Rica National Park



Located just an hour and a half from Playa Hermosa, Rincon offers a rare glimpse of the geological features of an active volcano.
Tucked away within its wet and dry forest lands are boiling mud pits, percolating streams and steaming fumaroles-all of which lend an eerie, other worldly contrast to the parks other tropical treasures, from itís hidden lakes and waterfalls to its abundant wildlife and diverse vegetation.  There are 250 species of birds inhabit the park as do many types of mammals.  There are even spots to indulge in an open-air spa experience.  They say Rinconís clay deposits do wonders for your skin, while its warm mineral pools are great for de-stressing and working out muscle aches. At the 1,916 meter summit are nine craters, only one is active.





The chance to see an active volcano ďdo itís thingĒ, is what makes Arenal, Costa Ricaís chief tourist draw.  With a near-perfect cone rising 1,657 meters out of rich forestland, Arenal volcano regularly rumbles and spews molten rock, ash and lava.  This thunderous, red fireworks display is especially dramatic against the nightís sky, which is why an overnight stay is recommended. 


Scarlet Macaw



If birds are your thing, this is the place to go.  Located about 2 hours from Playa Hermosa, Palo Verde is among the most important and ecologically diverse wetlands in Central America.  Its rivers, mangroves, marshlands seasonally flooded fields combine with dry forest and rolling limestone hills to provide sanctuary to more than 50,000 waterfowl and forest birds, both resident and migratory.  One of the most popular ways to view the parkís bird life is by covered pontoon boats or rafts.  Youíll also have the chance to see some of the animal life including crocodiles, howler and white-faced monkeys, and iguanas.  Palo Verde is also home to the only colony of scarlet macaws.





History buffs especially will like the trip to Santa Rosa, which covers most of the Santa Elena peninsula in the northwest corner of the country.  The oldest of the national parks pays homage to 1856 Battle of Santa Rosa, in which a hastily formed Costa Rican army beats back the invading forces of the American filibuster, William Walker. 

These days, Santa Rosaís primary purpose is ecological preservation.  The park encompasses 10 distinct habitats, including evergreen forests, mangrove swamps, savannas and grasslands.


Costa Rica National Park


Costa Rica National Park



Located near the town of Tamarindo, about an hour from Playa Hermosa, Las Baulas shelters the largest nesting colony of giant leatherback turtles in the Pacific.  These enormous sea creatures, weighing more than 600 pounds, have been around since pre historic times, but their numbers now are on the decline as poaching, encroaching development and tourism increasingly threatens their nesting spots.  The park supports the efforts of the state and Earth Watch Group to protect these sites where some 800 females come each year to lay their eggs.  Visitors are allowed to witness this event on nightly tours from October to February.  Thereís more to Las Baulas than turtles, however.  It also protects two saltwater estuaries, which lead through mangrove jungles that shelter hundreds of species of birds and animals.


Costa Rica National Park



Cortez Waterfall 

Only about a 45 minutes from Playa Hermosa, is a wonderful waterfall called Llanos de Cortez.  This is a  gorgeous secluded spectacle that spans 45 feet wide and drops 30 feet into a white-sand pond, surrounded by lush greenery.

Itís the perfect picnic getaway and also free! Take your bathing suit, swim and climb up on the rocks to get behind the fall.  A rental car or taxi will take you all the way there.



Witches Rock Canopy Tour 

For an exciting day visit to the Witches Rock canopy Tour is a must.  From Playa Hermosa, it is about a 35 minute drive.  There are 9 platforms, 4 hanging bridges, and 3 vertical ladders. You will also fly over a waterfall and a view of the ocean.  There are types of fauna and flora to be observed including howler and white-faced monkeys.



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