Hotel Villa Kokomo
In Playa Hermosa,
Guanacaste Costa Rica



Costa Rica Hotel Room 1

The rooms at Villa Kokomo are clean, comfortable and generally come with a gecko, which is considered good luck in Costa Rica.

Each room has cable TV and gets approximately 15 stations in English, including ABC, NBC & CBS as well as HBO, Cinemax, Cine Canal, TNT, Discovery, WB, Sony, FX, Cartoons, news channels and more.

The mattresses are firm and the pillows are soft.

There is a refrigerator in every room so you can keep cold beverages on hand, store your food if you want to cook your own meals, or just need a place to keep your late night snacks fresh.

The bathroom sink and shower has real North American style hot water. If this sounds like a no brainer to you, understand that most budget hotels in Costa Rica either don't have hot water, or they have hot water showers only, and use what is called a "suicide shower" or "widowmaker".

There's a closet to hang your clothes in and they also have shelves.

We have nice soft, premium towels from the USA.

All rooms have ocean, valley & mountain views.

Playa Hermosa Hotel Room 1




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Playa Hermosa Hotel Room 4


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